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Blok, L.[Lucie] Co Author Listing * Spatial Analysis Framework to Monitor and Accelerate Progress towards SDG 3 to End TB in Bangladesh, A

Blok, M. Co Author Listing * Comments on Closed Form Variable Fractional Time Delay Using FFT

Blokhinov, Y.B. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Model Based Method of Automatic Orientation of Space Cargo Ship Relative To The International Space Station

Blokpoel, R.[Robbin] Co Author Listing * Advantage of cooperative traffic light control algorithms
* Emission optimised control and speed limit for isolated intersections
* Enhancement of safety and comfort of cyclists at intersections
* Micro-routing using accurate traffic predictions
Includes: Blokpoel, R.[Robbin] Blokpoel, R.

Blokus, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Systematic approach to binary classification of images in video streams using shifting time windows

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