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Cede, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Tropospheric and Surface Nitrogen Dioxide Changes in the Greater Toronto Area during the First Two Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cedeno Jimenez, J.R.[Jesus Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Estimating Daily NO2 Ground Level Concentrations Using Sentinel-5P and Ground Sensor Meteorological Measurements
Includes: Cedeno Jimenez, J.R.[Jesus Rodrigo] Cedeno-Jimenez, J.R.[Jesus Rodrigo]

Ceder, A. Co Author Listing * Bus Bridging Disruption in Rail Services With Frustrated and Impatient Passengers
* Graphical Human-Machine Interactive Approach for Integrated Bus Transit Scheduling: Lessons Gained From a Large Bus Company
* Methodology to Attain Public Transit Origin-Destination Mobility Patterns Using Multi-Layered Mesoscopic Analysis, A
* Note on Transit Coordination Using Integer-Ratio Headways, A
* Real-Time Public-Transport Operational Tactics Using Synchronized Transfers to Eliminate Vehicle Bunching
* Transit Timetables Resulting in Even Maximum Load on Individual Vehicles
* Vehicle Scheduling of Single-Line Bus Service Using Operational Strategies
Includes: Ceder, A. Ceder, A.[Avishai]
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Cederberg, J.R.[Jay R.] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Time-Integrated Unit Stream Power for Estimating Bridge Pier Scour Using Noncontact Methods in a Gravel-Bed River, The
* Near-Field Remote Sensing of Surface Velocity and River Discharge Using Radars and the Probability Concept at 10 U.S. Geological Survey Streamgages

Cederberg, R.L.T.[Roger L.T.] Co Author Listing * Chain-Link Coding and Segmentation for Raster Scan Devices
* Iterative Algorithm for Angle Detection on Digital Curves, An
* New Method for Vector Generation, A
* Shrinking of RC-Coded Binary Patterns

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