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Cooray, S.[Saman] Co Author Listing * Facial Feature Extraction and Principal Component Analysis for Face Detection in Color Images
* hybrid technique for face detection in color images, A
* MediAssist: Using Content-Based Analysis and Context to Manage Personal Photo Collections

Cooray, T.[Thilini] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Context Aware Reasoning for Situation Recognition

Coorg, S.[Satyan] Co Author Listing * email: Coorg, S.[Satyan]: satyan AT graphics lcs mit edu
* Acquisition of a Large Pose-Mosaic Dataset
* Calibrated, Registered Images of an Extended Urban Area
* Extracting Textured Vertical Facades from Controlled Close-Range Imagery
* Matching and Pose Refinement with Camera Pose Estimates
* Pose Imagery and Automated Three-Dimensional Modeling of Urban Environments
* Spherical Mosaics with Quaternions and Dense Correlation
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Coors, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * NoVA: Learning to See in Novel Viewpoints and Domains
* SphereNet: Learning Spherical Representations for Detection and Classification in Omnidirectional Images

Coors, M. Co Author Listing * Multilevel Probabilistic Relaxation
* Perceptual Smoothing and Segmentation of Colour Textures

Coors, V. Co Author Listing * Approach and Evaluation of a Mobile Video-Based and Location-Based Augmented Reality Platform for Information Brokerage
* Automatic Landmark Detection for 3D Urban Models
* Continuous, Semi-Automated Workflow: From 3D City Models with Geometric Optimization and CFD Simulations to Visualization of Wind in an Urban Environment, A
* Delphi: geometry-based connectivity prediction in triangle mesh compression
* Developing a framework for Malaysian 3D SDI
* Development of a Digital 3d Participation Platform: Case Study Of Weilimdorf (Stuttgart, Germany)
* Incorporating 3D-GIS Spatial Operator with Building Information Models in Construction Management using Geo-DBMS
* Qualitative Screening Method for Impact Assessment of Uncertain Building Geometry on Thermal Energy Demand Predictions
* Shadow Effect On Photovoltaic Potentiality Analysis Using 3d City Models
* Towards an Automated Healing of 3D Urban Models
* Visual Analytics Web Platform for Detecting High Wind Energy Potential in Urban Environments by Employing OGC Standards
* Visual Analytics Web Platform for Detecting High Wind Energy Potential in Urban Environments by Employing OGC Standards, A
* WeBest: Automatic correction and mapping of fašade thermography on 3D building models
Includes: Coors, V. Coors, V.[Volker]
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