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Czerepinski, P.J. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Interframe Coding Based on Morphological Segmentation
* Matching Pursuits Video Coding: Dictionaries and Fast Implementation
* Video coding using a fast non-separable matching pursuits algorithm

Czerkawski, M.[Mikolaj] Co Author Listing * Deep Internal Learning for Inpainting of Cloud-Affected Regions in Satellite Imagery
* Flexible Multi-Temporal and Multi-Modal Framework for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data, A

Czernuszewicz, T.[Tomek] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Deep-Tissue Functional and Molecular Imaging by Integrated Photoacoustic, Ultrasound, and Angiographic Tomography (PAUSAT)

Czernuszewicz, T.J. Co Author Listing * Carotid Plaque Fibrous Cap Thickness Measurement by ARFI Variance of Acceleration: In Vivo Human Results

Czerny, R. Co Author Listing * Flexible Multi-Turn Multi-Gap Coaxial RF Coils: Design Concept and Implementation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 3 and 7 Tesla

Czerwinska, K.P.[Katja Pauline] Co Author Listing * Capturing Nutrition Data for Sports: Challenges and Ethical Issues

Czerwinski, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Staff Line Removal Toolkit for Gamera

Czerwinski, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Micro Transit Simulation of On-Demand Shuttles Based on Transit Data for First- and Last-Mile Connection

Czerwinski, E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Single-Chip, Real-Time Tomographic Data Processing on FPGA SoC Devices

Czerwinski, M.[Mary] Co Author Listing * Longitudinal Observational Evidence of the Impact of Emotion Regulation Strategies on Affective Expression

Czerwinski, R.N. Co Author Listing * Detection of lines and boundaries in speckle images-application to medical ultrasound
* Edge detection in ultrasound speckle noise
* Line and Boundary Detection in Speckle Images
* Ultrasound speckle reduction by directional median filtering

Czerwonka Schroder, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Classification of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds: A Comparison of Methods for Landslide Monitoring from Mathematical Surface Approximation
Includes: Czerwonka Schroder, D.[Daniel] Czerwonka-Schröder, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Czerwonka-Schroeder, D.)

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