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d'Mello, S. Co Author Listing * Generative Multimodal Models of Nonverbal Synchrony in Close Relationships

d'Mello, S.K.[Sidney K.] Co Author Listing * Affect Detection: An Interdisciplinary Review of Models, Methods, and Their Applications
* Automated Detection of Engagement Using Video-Based Estimation of Facial Expressions and Heart Rate
* Detecting Naturalistic Expressions of Nonbasic Affect Using Physiological Signals
* Introduction to the Best of ACII 2013 Special Section
* On the Influence of an Iterative Affect Annotation Approach on Inter-Observer and Self-Observer Reliability
* Review and Meta-Analysis of Multimodal Affect Detection Systems, A
* Unimodal and Multimodal Human Perception of Naturalistic Non-Basic Affective States During Human-Computer Interactions
Includes: d'Mello, S.K.[Sidney K.] d'Mello, S.K.
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