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Davy, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Image Anomalies: A Review and Synthesis of Detection Methods
* Optimization of Image B-spline Interpolation for GPU Architectures
* Reducing Anomaly Detection in Images to Detection in Noise

Davy, M. Co Author Listing * Abrupt Change Detection Algorithm for Buried Landmines Localization, An
* Generative Supervised Classification Using Dirichlet Process Priors
* Improved one-class SVM classifier for sounds classification
* Optimized support vector machines for nonstationary signal classification
Includes: Davy, M. Davy, M.[Manuel]

Davydov, S.P.[Sergey P.] Co Author Listing * Vegetation Indices Do Not Capture Forest Cover Variation in Upland Siberian Larch Forests

Davydow, A. Co Author Listing * Building Detection from Satellite Imagery Using a Composite Loss Function
* Land Cover Classification from Satellite Imagery with U-Net and Lovász-Softmax Loss
* Land Cover Classification with Superpixels and Jaccard Index Post-Optimization

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