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DeLuca, M.J.[Michael Joseph] Co Author Listing * Vision pointer method and apparatus

DeLuca, N.M.[Nicole M.] Co Author Listing * Can Multispectral Information Improve Remotely Sensed Estimates of Total Suspended Solids? A Statistical Study in Chesapeake Bay

Delucchi, A. Co Author Listing * Field Assessment of a Rain Estimation System Based on Satellite-to-Earth Microwave Links, A
* Rainfall Fields Monitoring Based on Satellite Microwave Down-Links and Traditional Techniques in the City of Genoa

Delucchi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Daily MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data for the Analysis of the Heat Requirements of Grapevine Varieties
* Implementation of Algorithm for Satellite-Derived Bathymetry using Open Source GIS and Evaluation for Tsunami Simulation
* Mapping of Aedes albopictus Abundance at a Local Scale in Italy
* New Automated Method to Develop Geometrically Corrected Time Series of Brightness Temperatures from Historical AVHRR LAC Data
* Use of multi-annual MODIS Land Surface Temperature data for the characterization of the heat requirements for grapevine varieties

DeLucia, E.H.[Evan H.] Co Author Listing * Performance of Laser-Based Electronic Devices for Structural Analysis of Amazonian Terra-Firme Forests

Delussu, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * How Realistic Should Synthetic Images Be for Training Crowd Counting Models?
* On the Effectiveness of Synthetic Data Sets for Training Person Re-identification Models
* On the Evaluation of Video-Based Crowd Counting Models
* Online Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification with a Human in the Loop
* Scene-specific crowd counting using synthetic training images

Deluzet, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Individual Tree Crown Delineation Method Based on Multi-Criteria Graph Using Geometric and Spectral Information: Application to Several Temperate Forest Sites

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