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Dorobat, I.C.[Ilie Cristian] Co Author Listing * Usability of Romanian Open Data in the Development of Tourist Applications, The

Doroftei, M.[Mihai] Co Author Listing * Synergy of High-Resolution Radar and Optical Images Satellite for Identification and Mapping of Wetland Macrophytes on the Danube Delta

Dorofy, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Development of a Mid-Infrared Sea and Lake Ice Index (MISI) Using the GOES Imager

Doron, Y.[Yotam] Co Author Listing * User Directed Multi-view-stereo

Doronin, A. Co Author Listing * Skin Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Revealed by Polarized Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine Learning

Doronin, O. Co Author Listing * Framework for Assessing Rendering Techniques for Near-Eye Integral Imaging Displays, A
* Ray tracing for HoloVizio light field displays

Doroodchi, M.[Mahmood] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Cluster Filter

Doros, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Generation of Discrete Circles, Rings, and Disks
* Freeman Digitization of Integer Circles Minimizes the Radial Error
* On Some Properties of the Generation of Discrete Circular Arcs on a Square Grid

Doroshkevich, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * ERA5 Reanalysis for the Data Interpretation on Polarization Laser Sensing of High-Level Clouds

Doroslovacki, M. Co Author Listing * Probability Density of Weight Deviations Given Preceding Weight Deviations for Proportionate-Type LMS Adaptive Algorithms

DoroslovaHcki, M. Co Author Listing * Simple Features for Separating CPFSK from QAM and PSK Modulations

Doroszewski, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Drought Monitoring by MODIS Potential Evapotranspiration Remote Sensing Data Application

Dorothy, M.[Monekosso] Co Author Listing * Learning Video Manifold for Segmenting Crowd Events and Abnormality Detection

Dorotic, H.[Hrvoje] Co Author Listing * PLANHEAT's Satellite-Derived Heating and Cooling Degrees Dataset for Energy Demand Mapping and Planning

Doroz, R.[Rafal] Co Author Listing * Personal identification utilizing lip print furrow based patterns. A new approach
* Signatures verification based on PNN classifier optimised by PSO algorithm

Dorozynski, M.[Mareike] Co Author Listing * Deep Descriptor Learning with Auxiliary Classification Loss for Retrieving Images of Silk Fabrics in the Context of Preserving European Silk Heritage

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