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Farzam, M. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Denoising and Intrinsic Order Selection in Hyperspectral Imaging

Farzami, F. Co Author Listing * power-efficient implementation of in-band full-duplex communication system (ReflectFX), A

Farzana, E. Co Author Listing * Bilateral filtering with adaptation to phase coherence and noise

Farzana, J. Co Author Listing * Speech Based Shopping Assistance for the Blind

Farzaneh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Cadastral mapping of Agricultural lands and Natural Resources by using image and non-image data

Farzaneh, S. Co Author Listing * Coastal Currents Monitoring Using Radar Satellites Based On Wave Tracking Approach
* Drought Assessment of Iran Using The Mdi Index

Farzinfar, M. Co Author Listing * Applying training hidden features to joint curve evolution for brain MRI segmentation
* coupled implicit shape-based deformable model for segmentation of MR images, A
* Joint Parametric and Non-parametric Curve Evolution for Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Farzinfar, M. Farzinfar, M.[Mahshid]

Farzmahdi, M.[Mojtaba] Co Author Listing * Exact window memoization: an optimization method for high-performance image processing

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