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Gaughan, P.T.[Patrick T.] Co Author Listing * Faster Fractal Image Compression Using Quadtree Recomposition

Gauglitz, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Efficiently selecting spatially distributed keypoints for visual tracking
* Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors and Feature Descriptors for Visual Tracking
* Improving Keypoint Orientation Assignment
* Investigating viewpoint visualizations for click & go navigation
* TranslatAR: A mobile augmented reality translator
Includes: Gauglitz, S.[Steffen] Gauglitz, S.

Gaugne, R.[Ronan] Co Author Listing * Combination of 3D Scanning, Modeling and Analyzing Methods around the Castle of Coatfrec Reconstitution
* Digital and Handcrafting Processes Applied to Sound-Studies of Archaeological Bone Flutes
* Internal 3D Printing of Intricate Structures
* Preservative Approach to Study Encased Archaeological Artefacts
* Study of a Wreck in Foreshore Context
Includes: Gaugne, R.[Ronan] Gaugne, R.

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