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Gedicke, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Robust High-Speed Melt Pool Measurements for Laser Welding with Sputter Detection Capability

Gediga, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Simplifying Contextual Structures
Includes: Gediga, G.[Gunther] Gediga, G.[GŁnther]

Gedik, B.[Bugra] Co Author Listing * Forecasting Flight Delays Using Clustered Models Based on Airport Networks
* Revisiting Weakly Supervised Pre-Training of Visual Perception Models

Gedik, E. Co Author Listing * MatchNMingle Dataset: A Novel Multi-Sensor Resource for the Analysis of Social Interactions and Group Dynamics In-the-Wild During Free-Standing Conversations and Speed Dates, The
* Multimodal Self-Assessed Personality Estimation During Crowded Mingle Scenarios Using Wearables Devices and Cameras
* Towards Analyzing and Predicting the Experience of Live Performances with Wearable Sensing
Includes: Gedik, E. Gedik, E.[Ekin]

Gedik, O.S.[O. Serdar] Co Author Listing * 3-D Rigid Body Tracking Using Vision and Depth Sensors
* Frame-rate conversion for multiview video exploiting 3D motion models
* Multi-view Video Coding via Dense Depth Estimation

Gedikli, E.[Eyup] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach on Silhouette Based Human Motion Analysis for Gait Recognition, A

Gedikli, S.[Suat] Co Author Listing * CAD-model recognition and 6DOF pose estimation using 3D cues
* Spatio-temporal Facial Features for HRI Scenarios

Gedizlioglu, E. Co Author Listing * Node-Based Modeling Approach for the Continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem, A

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