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Gheibi, A. Co Author Listing * Polygonal shape reconstruction in the plane

Gheisari, S.[Soheila] Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition using topographic high-order derivatives
* Dynamic Texture Comparison Using Derivative Sparse Representation: Application to Video-Based Face Recognition
* Sparse Variation Pattern for Texture Classification
* Spatiotemporal Derivative Pattern: A Dynamic Texture Descriptor for Video Matching
* Surface geodesic pattern for 3D deformable texture matching

Gheissari, N.[Niloofar] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition for Surveillance Applications Using Optic Flow and SVM
* Cartoon Motion Capturing and Retargeting by Rigid Shape Manipulation
* comparative study of model selection criteria for computer vision applications, A
* Detecting cylinders in 3D range data using model selection criteria
* Effect of noise on model selection criteria in visual applications
* Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods
* model selection criteria as merging criteria, The
* Model Selection for Range Segmentation of Curved Objects
* Motion analysis: Model selection and motion segmentation
* Multi-scale Cartoon Motion Capture and Retargeting without Shape Matching
* Parametric model-based motion segmentation using surface selection criterion
* Person Reidentification Using Spatiotemporal Appearance
* Range Image Segmentation Using Surface Selection Criterion
* Robust model based motion segmentation
Includes: Gheissari, N.[Niloofar] Gheissari, N.
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