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Gokcay, D.[Didem] Co Author Listing * Shape Preservation Based on Gaussian Radial Basis Function Interpolation on Human Corpus Callosum

Gokcay, E.[Erhan] Co Author Listing * Information Theoretic Clustering

Gokce, O. Co Author Listing * Geographic Information System And Remote Sensing Based Disaster Management And Decision Support Platform: Aydes
Includes: Gokce, O. Gökçe, O.

Gokcen, I. Co Author Listing * Binary image transformation using two-dimensional chaotic maps
* Comparing optimal bounding ellipsoid and support vector machine active learning

Gokceoglu, C. Co Author Listing * Possible Contributions Of Citizen Science for Landslide Hazard Assessment
* Review on Citizen Science (Citsci) Applications for Disaster Management, A

Gokcesu, K.[Kaan] Co Author Listing * Online Anomaly Detection With Nested Trees

Gokcetekin, M. Co Author Listing * Mesh-based Segmentation and Update for Object-based Video

Gokcetekin, M.H.[Mete H.] Co Author Listing * 2-D mesh-based video object segmentation and tracking with occlusion resolution
Includes: Gokcetekin, M.H.[Mete H.] Gökçetekin, M.H.[Mete H.]

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