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Griparis, A.[Andreea] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Remote Sensing Images Using Classification and 3D Visualization

Gripon, V. Co Author Listing * Associative Memory based on clustered Neural Networks: Improved model and architecture for Oriented Edge Detection
* Attention Based Pruning for Shift Networks
* Graph-based Interpolation of Feature Vectors for Accurate Few-Shot Classification
* Improving Classification Accuracy With Graph Filtering
* SimiNet: A Novel Method for Quantifying Brain Network Similarity
Includes: Gripon, V. Gripon, V.[Vincent]

Grippa, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Suspended Particulate Matter and Its Drivers in Sahelian Ponds and Lakes by Remote Sensing (Landsat and MODIS): Gourma Region, Mali
* Rain-Use-Efficiency: What it Tells us about the Conflicting Sahel Greening and Sahelian Paradox
* Relation between Seasonally Detrended Shortwave Infrared-Reflectance Data and Land Surface Moisture in Semi-Arid Sahel

Grippa, P. Co Author Listing * On Access Control in Cabin-Based Transport Systems

Grippa, T.[Tais] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Panchromatic Orthomosaics in Central Africa
* Fully Convolutional Networks and Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis for the Classification of VHR Imagery
* Fully convolutional networks for land cover classification from historical panchromatic aerial photographs
* Mapping Urban Land Use at Street Block Level Using OpenStreetMap, Remote Sensing Data, and Spatial Metrics
* Modelling the Wealth Index of Demographic and Health Surveys within Cities Using Very High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Information
* Normalization in Unsupervised Segmentation Parameter Optimization: A Solution Based on Local Regression Trend Analysis
* Open-Source Semi-Automated Processing Chain for Urban Object-Based Classification, An
* Role of Earth Observation in an Integrated Deprived Area Mapping System for Low-to-Middle Income Countries, The
* Scale Matters: Spatially Partitioned Unsupervised Segmentation Parameter Optimization for Large and Heterogeneous Satellite Images
Includes: Grippa, T.[Tais] Grippa, T.[Tas]
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Grippo, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Spatial Structure as an Indicator of Internal Changes of Vegetation Communities in Desert Landscapes

Gripton, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Kernel Domain Description with Incomplete Data: Using Instance-Specific Margins to Avoid Imputation

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