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Guyader, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Nearest neighbor classification in infinite dimension

Guyader, J.M.[Jean Marie] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid Groupwise Image Registration for Motion Compensation in Quantitative MRI
* Total Correlation-Based Groupwise Image Registration for Quantitative MRI
Includes: Guyader, J.M.[Jean Marie] Guyader, J.M.[Jean-Marie]

Guyader, N. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual attention: Eye-tracking dataset and analysis toolbox
* audiovisual attention model for natural conversation scenes, An
* Contribution of color in saliency model for videos
* Contribution of Color Information in Visual Saliency Model for Videos
* Modelling Spatio-Temporal Saliency to Predict Gaze Direction for Short Videos
* Parallel implementation of a spatio-temporal visual saliency model
* Relevance of Interest Points for Eye Position Prediction on Videos
* Spatio-temporal Attention Model for Video Content Analysis
* Video Summarization Based on Camera Motion and a Subjective Evaluation Method
Includes: Guyader, N. Guyader, N.[Nathalie]
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Guyard, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Learning sparse deep neural networks using efficient structured projections on convex constraints for green AI
Includes: Guyard, F.[Frederic] Guyard, F.[Frédéric]

Guyard, T. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Analysis-Synthesis for Realistic Tree Reconstruction and Growth Simulation

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