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Helal, A.S. Co Author Listing * Situation-Based Assess Tree for User Behavior Assessment in Persuasive Telehealth

Helal, L.G.[Lucas G.] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Transfer for Writer Identification

Helal, S. Co Author Listing * Expanding Frontier of Artificial Intelligence, The
* Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Terahertz Sensing: An overview
* Toward an Ecosystem for Developing and Programming Assistive Environments
Includes: Helal, S. Helal, S.[Sara]

Helala, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Cost Volume Filtering Using Salient Subvolumes and Robust Occlusion Handling
* Constructing image mosaics using focus based depth analysis
* Fast Estimation of Large Displacement Optical Flow Using Dominant Motion Patterns Sub-Volume PatchMatch Filtering
* Road Boundary Detection in Challenging Scenarios
* Stream Algebra for Computer Vision Pipelines, A
* Stream Algebra for Performance Optimization of Large Scale Computer Vision Pipelines, A
* Towards Efficient Feedback Control in Streaming Computer Vision Pipelines
Includes: Helala, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Helala, M.A.
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Helali, H. Co Author Listing * Investigation of 2019 Rainfall Effects on Urmia Lake Surface And Extraction of Lake Shoreline Changes and Comparison with the Previous Decade Using Remote Sensing Images and Gis

Helard, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic power evaluation of LTE wireless baseband processing on FPGA

Helava, U. Co Author Listing * Object-Centered Least-Squares Correlation

Helava, U.V.[Unno V.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Line Scanning System for Stereomapping

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