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Hewagama, T.[Tilak] Co Author Listing * Compact Thermal Imager (CTI) for Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Hewagamage, K.P.[K. Priyantha] Co Author Listing * Augmented Album: Situation-dependent System for a Personal Digital Video/Image Collection

Hewage, C.N.L. Co Author Listing * Highly Scalable Data Management System for Point Cloud and Full Waveform Lidar Data, A

Hewage, C.T.E.R. Co Author Listing * Depth based object prioritisation for 3D video communication over Wireless LAN
* Image quality assessment based on edge preservation
* Novel Frame Concealment Method for Depth Maps Using Corresponding Colour Motion Vectors, A
* Reduced-reference quality evaluation for compressed depth maps associated with colour plus depth 3D video
* Reduced-reference quality metric for 3D depth map transmission
* Using 3D structural tensors in quality evaluation of stereoscopic video
Includes: Hewage, C.T.E.R. Hewage, C.T.E.R.[Chaminda T.E.R.]

Hewage, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Rotation Axis Focused Attention Network (rafa-net) for Estimating Head Pose

Hewamalage, H.[Hansika] Co Author Listing * Global models for time series forecasting: A Simulation study
* Improving the accuracy of global forecasting models using time series data augmentation

Heward, J. Co Author Listing * Identifying semi-Invariant Features on Mouse Contours

Hewavitharana, S. Co Author Listing * database for handwriting recognition research in Sinhala language, A

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