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Hively, W. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of NIR-Green-Blue Digital Photographs from Unmanned Aircraft for Crop Monitoring

Hively, W.D.[W. Dean] Co Author Listing * Detecting Cover Crop End-Of-Season Using VENÁS and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
* Evaluation of SWIR Crop Residue Bands for the Landsat Next Mission
* Integration of Satellite-Based Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery to Estimate Winter Cover Crop Performance in Cereal Grasses
* Mapping Crop Residue and Tillage Intensity Using WorldView-3 Satellite Shortwave Infrared Residue Indices
* Mapping Crop Residue by Combining Landsat and WorldView-3 Satellite Imagery
* Optimizing Landsat Next Shortwave Infrared Bands for Crop Residue Characterization
* Sentinel-2 and WorldView-3 atmospheric correction and signal normalization based on ground-truth spectroradiometric measurements
Includes: Hively, W.D.[W. Dean] Hively, W.D.[Wells Dean] Hively, W.D.
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