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Hogaas, F. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling Activities at the Geological Survey of Norway
Includes: Hogaas, F. Høgaas, F.

Hogan, B.P.[Bartholomew P.] Co Author Listing * Poisson Reconstruction of Extreme Submersed Environments: The Endurance Exploration of an Under-ice Antarctic Lake

Hogan, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Refinement of digital elevation models from shadowing cues

Hogan, P. Co Author Listing * Nasa Webworldwind: Multidimensional Virtual Globe For Geo Big Data Visualization

Hogan, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Water Limitation in Vegetation: Insights from an Experiment with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Hogan, W.R.[William R.] Co Author Listing * Mining aggregates of over-the-counter products for syndromic surveillance

Hogasen, G.T. Co Author Listing * Combining range and intensity data with a hidden Markov model

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