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Kadlec, B.J.[Benjamin J.] Co Author Listing * Channel Segmentation using Confidence and Curvature-Guided Level Sets on Noisy Seismic Images

Kadlecek, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Virtual Elastic Objects

Kadlecek, S.J. Co Author Listing * Quantification of Ventilation and Gas Uptake in Free-Breathing Mice With Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI

Kadlecova, Z.[Zuzana] Co Author Listing * Novel Reconstruction With Inter-Frame Motion Compensation For Fast Super-Resolution Live Cell Imaging

Kadler, K. Co Author Listing * Analysing the Structure of Collagen Fibres in SBFSEM Images

Kadlic, R. Co Author Listing * Advance PVR Applications in IMS Based IPTV Environment
* New trends in content delivery networks
Includes: Kadlic, R. Kadlic, R.[Radovan]

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