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Khazaal, A. Co Author Listing * Effect of the Polarization Leakage on the SMOS Image Reconstruction Algorithm: Validation Using Ocean Model and In Situ Soil Moisture Data
* Improving the Spatial Bias Correction Algorithm in SMOS Image Reconstruction Processor: Validation of Soil Moisture Retrievals WithIn SituData
* Kurtosis-Based Approach to Detect RFI in SMOS Image Reconstruction Data Processor, A
* Mitigation of RFIS for SMOS: A Distributed Approach
* SMOS Third Mission Reprocessing after 10 Years in Orbit
* Sparsity-Based Variational Approach for the Restoration of SMOS Images From L1A Data, A
Includes: Khazaal, A. Khaz‚al, A. Khazaal, A.[Ali]

Khazaee, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Autoencoding Method for Detecting Counterfeit Coins, An
* Detection of Counterfeit Coins Based on Modeling and Restoration of 3D Images

Khazaei, E.[Elahe] Co Author Listing * Automatic User Grouping Model for a Group Recommender System in Location-Based Social Networks, An
* Context-Aware Group-Oriented Location Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks

Khazaei, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of High Local Groundwater Inflow to Rock Tunnels using ASTER Satellite Images
* Method to Select Coherence Window Size for forest height estimation using PolInSAR Data, A

Khazai, S. Co Author Listing * Band Selection Method For Sub-pixel Target Detection In Hyperspectral Images Based On Laboratory And Field Reflectance Spectral Comparison, A
* Performance Comparison of Contemporary Anomaly Detectors for Detecting Man-Made Objects in Hyperspectral Images
* Selecting optimal bands for sub-pixel target detection in hyperspectral images based on implanting synthetic targets
Includes: Khazai, S. Khazai, S.[Safa]

Khazaie, V.R.[Vahid Reza] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection with Adversarially Learned Perturbations of Latent Space
* One-Class Learned Encoder-Decoder Network with Adversarial Context Masking for Novelty Detection

Khazendar, S.[Shan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Miscarriage Cases Supported by Decision Strength Using Ultrasound Images of the Gestational Sac

Khazenie, N. Co Author Listing * Special Issue on the Retrieval of Bio-Physical and Geophysical Parameters from SAR Data for Land Applications: Foreword

Khazin, L.[Leah] Co Author Listing * Assessing Myocardial Microstructure With Biophysical Models of Diffusion MRI

Khazraee, E.[Emad] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in Archaeological Remote Sensing: Automated Qanat Detection in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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