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Kijak, E.[Ewa] Co Author Listing * AlignMixup: Improving Representations By Interpolating Aligned Features
* ARGOS campaign: Evaluation of video analysis and indexing tools, The
* Automatic Discovery of Discriminative Parts as a Quadratic Assignment Problem
* Beyond MSER: Maximally Stable Regions using Tree of Shapes
* Context-Aware Forgery Localization in Social-Media Images: A Feature-Based Approach Evaluation
* Detecting Human-Object Interaction with Mixed Supervision
* Graph-based image gradients aggregated with random forests
* Hierarchical Image Representation Simplification Driven by Region Complexity
* Hierarchical structure analysis of sport videos using hmms
* Local 2D Pattern Spectra as Connected Region Descriptors
* Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images with Pattern Spectra Descriptors
* Scalable Object-Based Video Retrieval in HD Video Databases
* Security-oriented picture-in-picture visual modifications
* Short local descriptors from 2D connected pattern spectra
* Tampering Detection and Localization in Images from Social Networks: A CBIR Approach
* Unsupervised Part Learning for Visual Recognition
* Video Navigation Based on Self-Organizing Maps
* VideoSOM: A SOM-Based Interface for Video Browsing
Includes: Kijak, E.[Ewa] Kijak, E.
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Kijanka, P. Co Author Listing * Local Phase Velocity Based Imaging: A New Technique Used for Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography
* Phase Velocity Estimation With Expanded Bandwidth in Viscoelastic Phantoms and Tissues
Includes: Kijanka, P. Kijanka, P.[Piotr]

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