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Klambt, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of two 3D tracking paradigms for freely flying insects
Includes: Klambt, C. Klämbt, C.

Klamecki, B.[Barney] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for scanning and recording of coordinates describing three dimensional objects of complex and unique geometry

Klami, A.[Arto] Co Author Listing * Learning to rank images from eye movements

Klamma, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Stream Processing of Spatiotemporal IoT Stream Data: Performance Analysis on the Example of Map Matching, A
* Toolkit to Support Dynamic Social Network Visualization, A

Klammer, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Improved estimation of reflectance spectra by utilizing prior knowledge
* Improved Spectral Density Measurement from Estimated Reflectance Data with Kernel Ridge Regression

Klamroth, K.[Kathrin] Co Author Listing * Branch and Bound Algorithm for Medical Image Registration, A
* On The Application Of The Monge-Kantorovich Problem To Image Registration
Includes: Klamroth, K.[Kathrin] Klamroth, K.

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