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Krithara, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Learning aspect models with partially labeled data

Krithivasan, K.[Kamala] Co Author Listing * Abstract families of matrices and picture languages
* Array Grammars and Kolam
* Efficient Algorithms for Reconstruction of 2D-Arrays from Extended Parikh Images
* Efficient Reconstruction of 2D-Tiling with t1,2, t2,1, t1,1 Tiles, An
* Hexagonal Pattern Languages
* Min-Cost-Max-Flow Based Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Image from Two Projections Using Similar Images, A
* novel computational knowledge-base framework for visualization and quantification of geospatial metadata in spatial data infrastructures, A
* Systolic Pyramid Automata, Cellular Automata and Array Languages
* Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
Includes: Krithivasan, K.[Kamala] Krithivasan, K. Krithivasan, K.[Kannan]
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Kritikos, G. Co Author Listing * Ontological Standardization for Historical Map Collections: Studying The Greek Borderlines of 1881

Kritis, L.A. Co Author Listing * Supporting Remote Sensing Research with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Kritsotaki, A. Co Author Listing * Analysing User Needs for a Unified 3D Metadata Recording and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Monuments System

Kritten, L.[Lena] Co Author Listing * New Retrieval of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Water from Ocean Colour Measurements Applied on OLCI L-1b and L-2, A

Kritzinger, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Detecting Paper Fibre Cross Sections in Microtomy Images
* probabilistic approach for tracking fibers, A

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