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Lesparre, J. Co Author Listing * Representation and Reconconstruction of Triangular Irregular Networks with Vertical Walls
* Simplified 3d City Models From Lidar

Lesperance, N. Co Author Listing * PixelLaser: Computing Range from Monocular Texture

Lesperance, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Controlling Camera and Lights for Intelligent Image Acquisition and Merging
* Entropy-Based Image Merging
* INVICON: A Toolkit for Knowledge-Based Control of Vision Systems
* Lights and Camera: Intelligently Controlled Multi-channel Pose Estimation System
* Multi-Channel Algorithm for Edge Detection Under Varying Lighting, A
Includes: Lesperance, Y.[Yves] Lesperance, Y.

Lespessailles, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction method of the proximal femur and shape correction
* 3D Reconstruction of the proximal femur shape from few pairs of x-ray radiographs
* Anisotropic Discrete Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform for Improved Classification of Trabecular Bone
* Discriminative Regularized Auto-Encoder for Early Detection of Knee OsteoArthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Dual active contours model for HR-pQCT cortical bone segmentation
* Fuzzy energy based active contours model for HR-PQCT cortical bone segmentation
* Osteoporosis assessment using Multilayer Perceptron neural networks
* Texture Analysis for Trabecular Bone X-Ray Images Using Anisotropic Morlet Wavelet and Rényi Entropy
* Texture characterization using local binary pattern and wavelets. Application to bone radiographs
* Trabecular Bone Anisotropy Characterization Using 1D Local Binary Patterns
* Trabecular Bone Radiograph Characterization Using Lacunarity Measurement
Includes: Lespessailles, E.[Eric] Lespessailles, E.
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