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Motieyan, H. Co Author Listing * Agent-based Modelling for Ride Sharing Optimization Using A* Algorithm and Clustering Approach, An
* Towards Sustainable Urban Planning Through Transit-Oriented Development (A Case Study: Tehran)
Includes: Motieyan, H. Motieyan, H.[Hamid]

Motiian, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Recoloring Using Adversarial Learning
* Deep Supervised Hashing with Spherical Embedding
* Information Bottleneck Domain Adaptation with Privileged Information for Visual Recognition
* Information Bottleneck Learning Using Privileged Information for Visual Recognition
* Online Human Interaction Detection and Recognition With Multiple Cameras
* Pairwise Kernels for Human Interaction Recognition
* Unified Deep Supervised Domain Adaptation and Generalization
Includes: Motiian, S.[Saeid] Motiian, S.
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Motin, M.A. Co Author Listing * Selection of Empirical Mode Decomposition Techniques for Extracting Breathing Rate From PPG

Motiur Rahaman, D.M. Co Author Listing * Free view-point video synthesis using Gaussian Mixture Modelling
* Novel Virtual View Quality Enhancement Technique through a Learning of Synthesised Video, A
* View Synthesised Prediction with Temporal Texture Synthesis for Multi-View Video
* Virtual View Synthesis for Free Viewpoint Video and Multiview Video Compression using Gaussian Mixture Modelling

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