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Movafeghi, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * exhaustive criterion for estimating quality of images in electrical impedance tomography with application to clinical imaging, An

Movaghar, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Road Pavement Inspection and Defect Analysis for Smart City Maintenance

Movaghati, S. Co Author Listing * Road Extraction From Satellite Images Using Particle Filtering and Extended Kalman Filtering

Movahedi, P. Co Author Listing * Diffusion weighted imaging of prostate cancer: Prediction of cancer using texture features from parametric maps of the monoexponential and kurtosis functions

Movahedi, V.[Vida] Co Author Listing * Design and perceptual validation of performance measures for salient object segmentation

Movahhedinia, N.[Naser] Co Author Listing * Small object detection in cluttered image using a correlation based active contour model

Movaqar, B.[Bahman] Co Author Listing * Efficient maximal reverse skyline query processing

Movassaghi, B. Co Author Listing * quantitative analysis of 3-D coronary modeling from two or more projection images, A

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