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Nai, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Beamspace Processing for Phased-Array Weather Radars

Nai, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Dynamic feature fusion with spatial-temporal context for robust object tracking
* Learning a Dynamic Feature Fusion Tracker for Object Tracking
* Learning Channel-Aware Correlation Filters for Robust Object Tracking
* Person re-identification with expanded neighborhoods distance re-ranking
* Robust object tracking based on adaptive templates matching via the fusion of multiple features
* Robust Object Tracking via Local Sparse Appearance Model
* Siamese target estimation network with AIoU loss for real-time visual tracking
* Spatial-Aware Tracker, A
* STURE: Spatial-Temporal Mutual Representation Learning for robust data association in online multi-object tracking
* Visual tracking via context-aware local sparse appearance model
Includes: Nai, K.[Ke] Nai, K.
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Nai, W.Z.[Wei Zhi] Co Author Listing * Fast hand posture classification using depth features extracted from random line segments
* Performance and User Preference of Various Functions for Mapping Hand Position to Movement Velocity in a Virtual Environment
Includes: Nai, W.Z.[Wei Zhi] Nai, W.Z.[Wei-Zhi]

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