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On, B.W.[Byung Won] Co Author Listing * effective web document clustering algorithm based on bisection and merge, An
Includes: On, B.W.[Byung Won] On, B.W.[Byung-Won]

On, K. Co Author Listing * Hypergraph Attention Networks for Multimodal Learning

On, K.W.[Kyoung Woon] Co Author Listing * MELTR: Meta Loss Transformer for Learning to Fine-tune Video Foundation Models
* MSTR: Multi-Scale Transformer for End-to-End Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Temporal Attention Mechanism with Conditional Inference for Large-Scale Multi-label Video Classification
* Video-Text Representation Learning via Differentiable Weak Temporal Alignment
Includes: On, K.W.[Kyoung Woon] On, K.W.[Kyoung-Woon]

On, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Phase Contrast Images Using Focus Measures
* Spatio-temporal pattern recognition of dendritic spines and protein dynamics using live multichannel fluorescence microscopy

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