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Oszust, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * approach to vision-based localisation with binary features for partially sighted people, An
* BDSB: Binary descriptor with shared pixel blocks
* Decision Fusion for Image Quality Assessment using an Optimization Approach
* Local Feature Descriptor and Derivative Filters for Blind Image Quality Assessment
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Image Statistics and Robust Feature Descriptors
* No-reference image quality assessment with local features and high-order derivatives
* optimisation approach to the design of a fast, compact and distinctive binary descriptor, An
* Recognition of signed expressions observed by Kinect Sensor
Includes: Oszust, M.[Mariusz] Oszust, M.
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Oszutowska Mazurek, D.[Dorota] Co Author Listing * Lacunarity Based Estimator for the Analysis of Cell Nuclei from the Papanicolaou Smears
* Multi-layer Lacunarity for Texture Recognition
Includes: Oszutowska Mazurek, D.[Dorota] Oszutowska-Mazurek, D.[Dorota]

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