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Peddigari, V. Co Author Listing * Photo-Identification of Humpback and Gray Whales using Affine Moment Invariants
* Real-time predictive zoom tracking for digital still cameras
* SHARDS: Efficient SHAdow Removal using Dual Stage Network for High-Resolution Images
Includes: Peddigari, V. Peddigari, V.[Venkat]

Peddinti, M.[Mrudula] Co Author Listing * Xavier Electromyographic Wheelchair Control and Virtual Training

Peddinti, V. Co Author Listing * Low Latency Acoustic Modeling Using Temporal Convolution and LSTMs

Peddireddy, S.[Sahithi] Co Author Listing * AM-FM picture carrier beat type noise filters

Peddle, D.R. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Segmentation: Artificial Neural Network Classification of High Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery for Site-Specific Herbicide Management in Agriculture
* See the forest and the trees: Effective machine and deep learning algorithms for wood filtering and tree species classification from terrestrial laser scanning
* Structural change detection in a disturbed conifer forest using a geometric optical reflectance model in multiple-forward mode
Includes: Peddle, D.R. Peddle, D.R.[Derek R.]

Peddoju, S.K.[Sateesh K.] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution mobile vision system for plant leaf disease diagnosis

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