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Ponz, A.[Aurelio] Co Author Listing * Computer vision and laser scanner road environment perception

Ponzetto, S.P.[Simone Paolo] Co Author Listing * Using Object Detection, NLP, and Knowledge Bases to Understand the Message of Images

Ponzi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Biopen-Fusing password choice and biometric interaction at presentation level

Ponziani, F. Co Author Listing * Improving Landslide Forecasting Using ASCAT-Derived Soil Moisture Data: A Case Study of the Torgiovannetto Landslide in Central Italy

Ponzoni, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Adjustments to SIF Aid the Interpretation of Drought Responses at the Caatinga of Northeast Brazil
* Calibration of a Species-Specific Spectral Vegetation Index for Leaf Area Index (LAI) Monitoring: Example with MODIS Reflectance Time-Series on Eucalyptus Plantations
* First in-Flight Radiometric Calibration of MUX and WFI on-Board CBERS-4
* Preliminary Results Of The Comparison Of Satellite Imagers Using Tuz GÖlÜ As A Reference Standard
Includes: Ponzoni, F.[Flavio] Ponzoni, F. Ponzoni, F.[Flávio]

Ponzoni, F.J.[Flavio Jorge] Co Author Listing * Local Illumination Influence on Vegetation Indices and Plant Area Index (PAI) Relationships
Includes: Ponzoni, F.J.[Flavio Jorge] Ponzoni, F.J.[Flávio Jorge]

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