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Przelaskowski, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Architectural Distortions in Mammograms: Extraction of Texture Orientation with Gabor Filters
* Evaluation of Quality Retaining Diagnostic Credibility for Surgery Video Recordings
* Hybrid Lossless Coder of Medical Images with Statistical Data Modelling
* Lifting-Based Reversible Transforms for Lossy-to-Lossless Wavelet Codecs
* Performance Evaluation of JPEG2000-like Data Decomposition Schemes in Wavelet Codec
* Role of Sparse Data Representation in Semantic Image Understanding, The
* Today's and Tomorrow's Medical Imaging
Includes: Przelaskowski, A.[Artur] Przelaskowski, A.
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Przestrzelski, P. Co Author Listing * Reliable Technology of Centimeter GPS/GLONASS Surveying in Forest Environments

Przewozny, D. Co Author Listing * Layered Representation of Scenes Based on Multiview Image Analysis
* Multi-user eye tracking suitable for 3D display applications
Includes: Przewozny, D. Przewozny, D.[David]

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