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Puhakka, J.A.[Jaakko A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient automated method for image-based classification of microbial cells

Puhan, N.B. Co Author Listing * BESAC: Binary External Symmetry Axis Constellation for unconstrained handwritten character recognition
* Deep residual network with regularised fisher framework for detection of melanoma
* Efficient segmentation technique for noisy frontal view iris images using Fourier spectral density
* FoodNet: Recognizing Foods Using Ensemble of Deep Networks
* Gestalt configural superiority effect: A complexity paradigm for handwritten numeral recognition
* Handwritten numeral recognition using non-redundant Stockwell transform and bio-inspired optimal zoning
* High Capacity Data Hiding in Binary Document Images
* Interleaved Deep Artifacts-Aware Attention Mechanism for Concrete Structural Defect Classification
* Iris recognition on edge maps
* Kernelized dynamic convolution routing in spatial and channel interaction for attentive concrete defect recognition
* Multi-Deformation Aware Attention Learning for Concrete Structural Defect Classification
* Multi-Level Dual-Attention Based CNN for Macular Optical Coherence Tomography Classification
* new evolving-update-based feedback cancellation scheme for hearing aids, A
* Off-line signature verification: upper and lower envelope shape analysis using chord moments
* On extraction of features for handwritten Odia numeral recognition in transformed domain
* RANSAC lens boundary feature based kernel SVM for transparent contact lens detecTion
* Special section on image and video processing for security
* Variance-guided attention-based twin deep network for cross-spectral periocular recognition
Includes: Puhan, N.B. Puhan, N.B.[Niladri B.] Puhan, N.B.[Niladri Bihari]
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