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Punnakkal, A.R.[Abhinanda R.] Co Author Listing * BABEL: Bodies, Action and Behavior with English Labels

Punnappurath, A.[Abhijith] Co Author Listing * As-projective-as-possible bias correction for illumination estimation algorithms
* CIE XYZ Net: Unprocessing Images for Low-Level Computer Vision Tasks
* Day-to-Night Image Synthesis for Training Nighttime Neural ISPs
* Deep Decoupling of Defocus and Motion Blur for Dynamic Segmentation
* Efficient Change Detection for Very Large Motion Blurred Images
* Extracting Vignetting and Grain Filter Effects from Photos
* Learning Raw Image Reconstruction-Aware Deep Image Compressors
* Learning sRGB-to-Raw-RGB De-rendering with Content-Aware Metadata
* Leveraging the Availability of Two Cameras for Illuminant Estimation
* Little Bit More: Bitplane-Wise Bit-Depth Recovery, A
* Multi-Image Blind Super-Resolution of 3D Scenes
* Recognizing blurred, nonfrontal, illumination, and expression variant partially occluded faces
* Reflection Removal Using a Dual-Pixel Sensor
* Registration and occlusion detection in motion blur
* Revisiting Autofocus for Smartphone Cameras
* Rolling Shutter Super-Resolution
* Rolling shutter super-resolution in burst mode
* Spatially Aware Metadata for Raw Reconstruction
Includes: Punnappurath, A.[Abhijith] Punnappurath, A.
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Punni, S.[Sri] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal access methods: a survey (2010-2017)

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