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Riihela, A.[Aku] Co Author Listing * Multisensor Approach to Global Retrievals of Land Surface Albedo, A
* On the Land-Sea Contrast in the Surface Solar Radiation (SSR) in the Baltic Region
* Role of Climate and Land Use in the Changes in Surface Albedo Prior to Snow Melt and the Timing of Melt Season of Seasonal Snow in Northern Land Areas of 40°N-80°N during 1982-2015, The
* Validation of CM SAF Surface Solar Radiation Datasets over Finland and Sweden
* Validation of the SARAH-E Satellite-Based Surface Solar Radiation Estimates over India
Includes: Riihela, A.[Aku] Riihelä, A.[Aku] (Maybe also Riihelae, A.)

Riihelo, A. Co Author Listing * Intercalibration of Polar-Orbiting Spectral Radiometers Without Simultaneous Observations

Riihiaho, K. Co Author Listing * Minimal Learning Machine In Anomaly Detection From Hyperspectral Images

Riihimaki, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * feature-based object tracking approach for realtime image processing on mobile devices, A

Riihimaki, V. Co Author Listing * Selecting telecommunications technologies for intelligent transport system services in Helsinki Municipality
Includes: Riihimaki, V. Riihimäki, V. (Maybe also Riihimaeki, V.)

Riihonen, T.[Taneli] Co Author Listing * Per-Antenna Self-Interference Cancellation Beamforming Design for Digital Phased Array

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