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Ruger, R. Co Author Listing * Optical Navigator for Brain Surgery, An

Ruger, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Automated Image Annotation Using Global Features and Robust Nonparametric Density Estimation
* effect of semantic relatedness measures on multi-label classification evaluation, The
* Evaluation of key frame-based retrieval techniques for video
* Evaluation of Texture Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* iBase: Navigating Digital Library Collections
* Image Browsing: Semantic Analysis of NN k Networks
* Image retrieval using Markov Random Fields and global image features
* Information-theoretic semantic multimedia indexing
* Large Scale System for Searching and Browsing Images from the World Wide Web, A
* Logistic Regression of Generic Codebooks for Semantic Image Retrieval
* Robust texture features for still-image retrieval
* Three Interfaces for Content-Based Access to Image Collections
* Trading Precision for Speed: Localised Similarity Functions
* Two Step Relevance Feedback for Semantic Disambiguation in Image Retrieval
Includes: Ruger, S.[Stefan] Rüger, S.[Stefan] (Maybe also Rueger, S.)
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Ruger, S.M.[Stefan M.] Co Author Listing * Video Retrieval by Feature Learning in Key Frames
Includes: Ruger, S.M.[Stefan M.] Rüger, S.M.[Stefan M.] (Maybe also Rueger, S.M.)

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