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Sagols, F.[Feliu] Co Author Listing * Inscribed Square Conjecture in the Digital Plane, The
Includes: Sagols, F.[Feliu] Sagols, F.[Feliú]

Sagona, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * algorithm for the global solution of the shape-from-shading model, An
* Numerical methods for shape-from-shading: A new survey with benchmarks

Sagonas, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * 300 Faces In-The-Wild Challenge: database and results
* 300 Faces in-the-Wild Challenge: The First Facial Landmark Localization Challenge
* AgeDB: The First Manually Collected, In-the-Wild Age Database
* Back to the future: A fully automatic method for robust age progression
* Bayesian Optimization Framework for Neural Network Compression, A
* Jointly Aligning Millions of Images With Deep Penalised Reconstruction Congealing
* PROSOPON: A virtual anatomical 3D head model
* RAPS: Robust and Efficient Automatic Construction of Person-Specific Deformable Models
* Recovering Joint and Individual Components in Facial Data
* Robust Joint and Individual Variance Explained
* Robust Statistical Face Frontalization
* Robust Statistical Frontalization of Human and Animal Faces
* Semi-automatic Methodology for Facial Landmark Annotation, A
Includes: Sagonas, C.[Christos] Sagonas, C.
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Sagong, M. Co Author Listing * Simple Yet Effective Way for Improving the Performance of Lossy Image Compression

Sagong, M.C.[Min Cheol] Co Author Listing * PEPSI: Fast Image Inpainting With Parallel Decoding Network
* Simple Yet Effective Way for Improving the Performance of Depth Map Super-Resolution
Includes: Sagong, M.C.[Min Cheol] Sagong, M.C.[Min-Cheol] Sagong, M.C.

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