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Sfikas, G.[Giorgos] Co Author Listing * Alternative Deep Feature Approach to Line Level Keyword Spotting, An
* Deformation-Invariant Networks for Handwritten Text Recognition
* Edge preserving spatially varying mixtures for image segmentation
* GRPOLY-DB: An old Greek polytonic document image database
* Joint recovery and segmentation of polarimetric images using a compound MRF and mixture modeling
* Majorization-minimization mixture model determination in image segmentation
* Markerless detection of ancient rock carvings in the wild: rock art in Vathy, Astypalaia
* Multiple Atlas Inference and Population Analysis Using Spectral Clustering
* Quaternion Generative Adversarial Networks for Inscription Detection in Byzantine Monuments
* Quaternion Harris For Multispectral Keypoint Detection
* Recovery of polarimetric Stokes images by spatial mixture models
* Robust Image Segmentation with Mixtures of Student's t-Distributions
* Salient Object Detection with Pretrained Deeplab and k-means: Application to Uav-captured Building Imagery
* Semicca: A new semi-supervised probabilistic CCA model for keyword spotting
* Shape-based word spotting in handwritten document images
* Sipakmed: A New Dataset for Feature and Image Based Classification of Normal and Pathological Cervical Cells in Pap Smear Images
* Spatially Varying Mixtures Incorporating Line Processes for Image Segmentation
* survey of document image word spotting techniques, A
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction with a Spatially Varying Gamma Mixture Prior
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction with a Spatially Varying Gaussian Mixture Prior
* Using attributes for word spotting and recognition in polytonic greek documents
Includes: Sfikas, G.[Giorgos] Sfikas, G.
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Sfikas, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Partial Matching Using Panoramic Views
* 3d Object Retrieval Via Range Image Queries Based On SIFT Descriptors On Panoramic Views
* 3D object retrieval via range image queries in a bag-of-visual-words context
* Contopo: Non-Rigid 3d Object Retrieval Using Topological Information Guided By Conformal Factors
* Fisher encoding of differential fast point feature histograms for partial 3D object retrieval
* Non-rigid 3D object retrieval using topological information guided by conformal factors
* Pose normalization of 3D models via reflective symmetry on panoramic views
* ROSy+: 3D Object Pose Normalization Based on PCA and Reflective Object Symmetry with Application in 3D Object Retrieval
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