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Situ, G.[Guohai] Co Author Listing * Digital Holography and 3D Imaging: introduction to the joint feature issue in Applied Optics and Journal of the Optical Society of America A

Situ, G.H.[Guo Hai] Co Author Listing * Spiral phase filtering and orientation-selective edge detection/enhancement
Includes: Situ, G.H.[Guo Hai] Situ, G.H.[Guo-Hai]

Situ, L.J.[Liang Ji] Co Author Listing * Text Localization in Web Images Using Probabilistic Candidate Selection Model
Includes: Situ, L.J.[Liang Ji] Situ, L.J.[Liang-Ji]

Situ, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Skin Lesion Images using Evolutionary Strategy
* narrow band graph partitioning method for skin lesion segmentation, A

Situ, W.C. Co Author Listing * Affine invariant matching of broken boundaries based on simple genetic algorithm and contour reconstruction

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