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Sofka, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Measurement of Structures in Fetal Head Ultrasound Volumes Using Sequential Estimation and Integrated Detection Network (IDN)
* Automatic robust image registration system: Initialization, estimation, and decision
* Commentary Paper 2 on On Stable Dynamic Background Generation Technique Using Gaussian Mixture Models for Robust Object Detection
* Commentary Paper 2 on Robust Unattended and Stolen Object Detection by Fusing Simple Algorithms
* Commentary Paper on Shadow Removal in Indoor Scenes
* DSFormer: A Dual-domain Self-supervised Transformer for Accelerated Multi-contrast MRI Reconstruction
* Fast boosting trees for classification, pose detection, and boundary detection on a GPU
* Keypoint Descriptors for Matching Across Multiple Image Modalities and Non-linear Intensity Variations
* Multiple object detection by sequential monte carlo and Hierarchical Detection Network
* Registration of Challenging Image Pairs: Initialization, Estimation, and Decision
* Retinal Vessel Centerline Extraction Using Multiscale Matched Filters, Confidence and Edge Measures
* Simultaneous Covariance Driven Correspondence (CDC) and Transformation Estimation in the Expectation Maximization Framework
Includes: Sofka, M.[Michal] Sofka, M.
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Sofke, S.[Soren] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Quality Control for Transform Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
Includes: Sofke, S.[Soren] Sofke, S.[Sören]

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