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Stula, M.[Maja] Co Author Listing * 2D Motion Analysis by Fuzzy Pattern Comparator
* Vision based wildfire and natural risk observers
Includes: Stula, M.[Maja] Stula, M.

Stuller, J.A. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Approach to Image Restoration Filter Design, An
* Correction of a Statement in Digital Picture Processing
* Image Model-Based on Occluding Object Images and Maximum-Entropy, An
* Kalman Filter Formulation of Low-Level Television Image Motion Estimation
* Line-Adaptive Hybrid Coding of Images
* Linear Resolution Enhancement
* Motion estimation and encoding of video signals in the transform domain
* Transform Domain Motion Estimation
Includes: Stuller, J.A. Stuller, J.A.[John A.]
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Stulp, F.[Freek] Co Author Listing * ASM fitting method based on machine learning that provides a robust parameter initialization for AAM fitting, An
* Continuous, Real-Time Emotion Annotation: A Novel Joystick-Based Analysis Framework
* Enabling Users to Guide the Design of Robust Model Fitting Algorithms
* Face Model Fitting Based on Machine Learning from Multi-Band Images of Facial Components
* Initial Pose Estimation for 3D Model Tracking Using Learned Objective Functions
* Learning Local Objective Functions for Robust Face Model Fitting
* Learning Robust Objective Functions for Model Fitting in Image Understanding Applications
* Learning Robust Objective Functions with Application to Face Model Fitting
* real time system for model-based interpretation of the dynamics of facial expressions, A
* Reconstruction of surfaces behind occlusions in range images
Includes: Stulp, F.[Freek] Stulp, F.
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Stultz, K.F. Co Author Listing * Roles of Sharpness and Graininess in Photographic Quality and Definition

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