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Szpak, Z.L.[Zygmunt L.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Ellipse Fitting Methods and Implications for Multiple-View Geometry Estimation, A
* Enforcing consistency constraints in uncalibrated multiple homography estimation using latent variables
* Full Explicit Consistency Constraints in Uncalibrated Multiple Homography Estimation
* Guaranteed Ellipse Fitting with a Confidence Region and an Uncertainty Measure for Centre, Axes, and Orientation
* Guaranteed Ellipse Fitting with the Sampson Distance
* Multiple Homography Estimation with Full Consistency Constraints
* Robust multiple homography estimation: An ill-solved problem
* Sampson distance based joint estimation of multiple homographies with uncalibrated cameras
* Study of the Region Covariance Descriptor: Impact of Feature Selection and Image Transformations, A
Includes: Szpak, Z.L.[Zygmunt L.] Szpak, Z.L.
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Szpala, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Fusion of Endoscopic Views With Dynamic 3-D Cardiac Images: A Phantom Study

Szpankowski, W. Co Author Listing * 2D-Pattern Matching Image and Video Compression: Theory, Algorithms, and Experiments
* pattern matching approach to image compression, A
* Pattern Matching Image Compression: Algorithmic and Empirical Results
Includes: Szpankowski, W. Szpankowski, W.[Wojciech]

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