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Tetsuka, D.[Daiki] Co Author Listing * Detecting Building-Level Changes of a City Using Street Images and a 2D City Map
* Temporal city modeling using street level imagery

Tetsuo, A.[Arakawa] Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional Vision Attachment for Medical Endoscopes

Tetsutani, N.[Nobuji] Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Eyes for Gaze-camera Control
* Human detection using geometrical pixel value structures
* Human tracking using multiple-camera-based head appearance modeling
* Method and apparatus for gray level signal processing
* Novel Wearable System for Capturing User View Images, A
* Scale-Adaptive Face Detection and Tracking in Real Time with SSR Filters and Support Vector Machine
* Texture adaptation for human tracking using statistical shape model
* View-based detection of 3-D interaction between hands and real objects
Includes: Tetsutani, N.[Nobuji] Tetsutani, N.
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