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Torgaev, A.V.[Andrey V.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Conditions within Big Telescope Alt-Azimuthal Region and Possibilities of Astronomical Observations

Torge, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Inspection of The Restoration and Conservation of Stained Glass Windows Using High Resolution Structured Light Scanning

Torgersen, C.E.[Christian E.] Co Author Listing * Longitudinal, Lateral, Vertical, and Temporal Thermal Heterogeneity in a Large Impounded River: Implications for Cold-Water Refuges

Torgersen, T. Co Author Listing * Extended Evaluation of Simulated Wavefront Coding Technology in Iris Recognition

Torgersen, T.C. Co Author Listing * High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
* Iterative Image Restoration Using Approximate Inverse Preconditioning

Torgo, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Design of an end-to-end method to extract information from tables
Includes: Torgo, L.[Luis] Torgo, L.[Luís]

Torgoev, I.[Isakbek] Co Author Listing * Landslide-Induced Mass Transport of Radionuclides along Transboundary Mailuu-Suu River Networks in Central Asia

Torgonskiy, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * Finding Representative Interpretations on Convolutional Neural Networks

Torgrimsson, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Solution to the Factorized Geometrical Autofocus Problem, An
* Factorized Geometrical Autofocus for Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing
* SAR Processing Without a Motion Measurement System

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