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Trocan, M. Co Author Listing * adaptive framework for H.264 optimized encoding, An
* Compressed sensing of multiview images using disparity compensation
* Compressive Imaging Using RIP-Compliant CMOS Imager Architecture and Landweber Reconstruction
* Graph-Cut Rate Distortion Algorithm for Contourlet-Based Image Compression
* Inter prediction using lapped transforms for advanced video coding
* Joint Source-Channel coding of scalable video with partially coded index assignment using Reed-Muller codes
* Joint Source-Channel Coding With Partially Coded Index Assignment for Robust Scalable Video
* Joint Sparse Learning With Nonlocal and Local Image Priors for Image Error Concealment
* Robust Image Reconstruction for Block-Based Compressed Sensing Using a Binary Measurement Matrix
* Rotated Constellations for Video Transmission Over Rayleigh Fading Channels
* Sparse Recovery-Based Error Concealment
* Unsupervised Satellite Image Time Series Clustering Using Object-Based Approaches and 3D Convolutional Autoencoder
* Wavelet-based multi-view video coding with joint best basis wavelet packets
Includes: Trocan, M. Trocan, M.[Maria]
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Troccaz, J.[Jocelyne] Co Author Listing * 3-D Ultrasound Probe Calibration for Computer-Guided Diagnosis and Therapy
* Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing
* Fast Segmentation of the Mitral Valve Leaflet in Echocardiography
* Image-Guided Interventional Robotics: Lost in Translation?
* Initialized Iterative Closest Point for bone recognition in ultrasound volumes
* Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology
* Simulating Complex Organ Interactions: Evaluation of a Soft Tissue Discrete Model
Includes: Troccaz, J.[Jocelyne] Troccaz, J.
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Trocciola, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * SISI Project: Developing GIS-Based Tools for Vulnerability Assessment

Troccoli, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Generative Models for 3D Point Cloud Data
* Bi3D: Stereo Depth Estimation via Binary Classifications
* Building Illumination Coherent 3D Models of Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes
* Extreme View Synthesis
* Learning Rigidity in Dynamic Scenes with a Moving Camera for 3D Motion Field Estimation
* Locally non-rigid registration for mobile HDR photography
* Multi-View Multi-Exposure Stereo
* New Methods for Digital Modeling of Historic Sites
* Non-Linear Filter for Gyroscope-Based Video Stabilization, A
* Recovering Illumination and Texture Using Ratio Images
* Relighting acquired models of outdoor scenes
* Robust stereo with flash and no-flash image pairs
* Seeing into the Past: Creating a 3D Modeling Pipeline for Archaeological Visualization
* Shadow based texture registration for 3D modeling of outdoor scenes
Includes: Troccoli, A.[Alejandro] Troccoli, A.
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Troccoli, A.J.[Alejandro J.] Co Author Listing * Shadow Based Method for Image to Model Registration, A

Trochanova, O.V. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional EIT imaging of breast tissues: System Design and Clinical Testing

Trochimiuk, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * Algorithm and architecture design of the motion estimation for the H.265/HEVC 4K-UHD encoder
* Architecture design of the high-throughput compensator and interpolator for the H.265/HEVC encoder

Trochta, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * International benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning approaches for forest inventories

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