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Tsela, P.[Philemon] Co Author Listing * Validation of the Two Standard MODIS Satellite Burned-Area Products and an Empirically-Derived Merged Product in South Africa

Tsele, P.[Philemon] Co Author Listing * assessment of image classifiers for generating machine-learning training samples for mapping the invasive Campuloclinium macrocephalum (Less.) DC (pompom weed) using DESIS hyperspectral imagery, An
* Evaluating pixel and object based image classification techniques for mapping plant invasions from UAV derived aerial imagery: Harrisia pomanensis as a case study

Tselentis, D.I. Co Author Listing * Improving short-term traffic forecasts: To combine models or not to combine?

Tseles, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Application of Non-destructive Techniques (Raman Spectroscopy and XRF) into an Icon by Michael Damaskinos

Tselikas, A.[Agamemnon] Co Author Listing * Near-Infrared Ink Differentiation in Medieval Manuscripts

Tselikis, C. Co Author Listing * Empirical Study of Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Tselikis, G. Co Author Listing * Implementing multiplexing, streaming, and server interaction for MPEG-4

Tselios, K. Co Author Listing * Grid-based feature distributions for off-line signature verification

Tselioudis, G. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Systems with Neural Network and Statistical Techniques for Analysis of Cloud Structures in Midlatitude Storm Systems

Tselka, I.[Ioanna] Co Author Listing * Assessing Post-Fire Effects on Soil Loss Combining Burn Severity and Advanced Erosion Modeling in Malesina, Central Greece

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