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Vock, D. Co Author Listing * GPU-based Volumetric Reconstruction Of Trees From Multiple Images
* Low Budget Mobile Laser Scanning Solution Using on Board Sensors and Field Bus Systems of Today's Consumer Automobiles, A
Includes: Vock, D. Vock, D.[Dominik]

Vock, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Automatic reconstruction of fully volumetric 3D building models from oriented point clouds

Vockner, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Building Models: A Step towards Interoperability
* From Geoportals to Geographic Knowledge Portals
* Geo-Enrichment and Semantic Enhancement of Metadata Sets to Augment Discovery in Geoportals
* Role-Tailored Map Dashboards: A New Approach for Enhancing the Forest-based Supply Chain
Includes: Vockner, B.[Bernhard] Vockner, B.

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