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Zohaib, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * 3D Key-Points Estimation from Single-View RGB Images
* Assessment of Merged Satellite Precipitation Datasets in Monitoring Meteorological Drought over Pakistan
* Towards Reconstruction of 3D Shapes in a Realistic Environment
Includes: Zohaib, M.[Mohammad] Zohaib, M.[Muhammad]

Zohar, M.[Motti] Co Author Listing * GIScience and Historical Visual Sources: A Promising Look at Past Scenarios and Sceneries
* Improving Object Imaging With Sea Glinted Background Using Polarization Method: Analysis and Operator Survey
* Video Transformer Network
Includes: Zohar, M.[Motti] Zohar, M. Zohar, M.[Maya]

Zohar, Y.[Yaniv] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Detection and Classification of Partially and Weakly Supervised Cells

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