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MADiMa15 * *International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management
* CNN-Based Food Image Segmentation Without Pixel-Wise Annotation
* Dish Detection and Segmentation for Dietary Assessment on Smartphones
* Estimating the Nutrient Content of Commercial Foods from their Label Using Numerical Optimization
* Food Object Recognition Using a Mobile Device: State of the Art
* Food Recognition and Leftover Estimation for Daily Diet Monitoring
* Food Recognition for Dietary Assessment Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Food Recognition Using Consensus Vocabularies
* FooDD: Food Detection Dataset for Calorie Measurement Using Food Images
* Fractal Nature of Chewing Sounds
* Highly Accurate Food/Non-Food Image Classification Based on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* MANGO: Mobile Augmented Reality with Functional Eating Guidance and Food Awareness
* Mobile Computing and Artificial Intelligence for Diet Management
* Objective and Subjective Meal Registration via a Smartphone Application
* On the Exploitation of One Class Classification to Distinguish Food Vs Non-Food Images
* Printer Indexing System for Color Calibration with Applications in Dietary Assessment, A
* Tastes and Textures Estimation of Foods Based on the Analysis of Its Ingredients List and Image
* Towards an Engaging Mobile Food Record for Teenagers
* Use of Temporal Information in Food Image Analysis, The
* Using Small Checkerboards as Size Reference: A Model-Based Approach
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